Triple Helix Model

eGovlab is built upon the Triple Helix Model – innovation collaboration between businesses, the public sector and academia to research and develop prototype technologies and methodologies, for an impact on inclusive governance.

Increased interaction between researchers and the social environment is considered one of the characteristics of modern innovation development for social and economic growth. The Triple Helix Model for Innovation, based on the dynamic interaction between academia, industry and government, highlights the university’s enhanced role in the transition from an industrial to a knowledge-based society.

eGovLab is at the heart of advancing collaborative research and development activities involving both public governmental bodies and private actors.

We act as a facilitator for creating a deeper understanding of public bodies challenges, needs, and constraints and thus provide private actors with better prerequisites for developing services that will enable for widespread digital transformation across the European continent and beyond.

We also conduct basic research of our own, mindful of the regulations and future desires of European governance, having a prominent science-to-policy ambition in our research endeavours.