Maun Science Park


In the Maun Science Park Project, we will build a Smart Living Lab of 4IR enabled home community, a research institution, and educational institutions and a business incubator. Sustainable and affordable living combining global knowledge and 4IR technology with local tribal wisdom and culture will be at the core of this project.

This will be a unique opportunity for Botswana to act as a model for the development and adoption of smart, sustainable solutions.

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Ground Truth 2.0


This project will demonstrate and validate six scaled up citizen observatories in real operational conditions both in the EU and in Africa. It will strengthen the full feedback-loop in the information chain from citizen-based data collection to knowledge sharing for joint decision- making and cooperative planning. br />

The project focuses on environmental indicators in urban and rural areas related to spatial planning issues, with a specific focus on flora and fauna as well as water availability and water quality for land and natural resources management.

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Enabling youth workers reaching young people and delivering them activities through the latest technologies and digital media. The project aims to address the needs of youth organizations, youth services, and youth workers to better reach young people and deliver activities that ensure responsiveness to the trends in society such as new technology and tools in today’s digital era.

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PriMaaS vision is to promote the integration of traditional collective transport modes with personal and innovative ones by creating equitable mobility services truly focused on citizens' needs.

Policy instruments shall promote a fully integrated approach between all transport services, by using data gathered in real-time about travel demand and travel supply. Policy instruments shall ensure that the most affordable travel option has minimum carbon levels.

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CISMOB main vision is to promote innovative ways to reduce carbon footprint and increase the sustainability of urban areas by improving the efficiency of using urban transport infrastructure through ICT.

In a context of the increasing availability of sensor technology to monitor large amounts of data, a common challenge for policymakers is to use these data to manage current road networks to inform citizens to choose more sustainable mobility options.

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Thundermaps is developing a smart city technology that enables citizens to engage with the public authorities and understand what happens in their city. Thundermaps uses data released by government agencies in a creative way to improve public safety and risk reporting. Simultaneously, this citizen-centric e-service facilitates community engagement and smart communication via interactive dialogue/reporting between the stakeholders involved.

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Munizapp is an application for smartphones that citizens can use to simplify the process of giving feedback or report problems and complaints in the area where they live. All that is required is to report a detected issue by taking a picture, and then send the notification via smartphone. Munizapp then communicates with the local case management authority.

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