DE4A is a Member State-driven pilot, with the goal of facilitating migration towards European Digital Public Services co-delivered across borders, across sectors and with different participants, reinforcing trust in public institutions. Pilots involving secure access to key administrative procedures of real-life and business events. Innovative technologies like blockchain and machine learning will also be addressed for effective sharing of common services.

DE4A will take the baton from TOOP and further develop the scene for a Digital Europe for citizens as well as business and public service stakeholders.

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Insight and Enlight


This project aims to create a digitalized and user-friendly workflow by integrating and adapting market survey and decision analysis methods.

Key benefits are scalable and cost-effective solution to enable early, pro-active citizen participation for empowerment in public decision processes, transparency around all stakeholder groups inputs and the provision of tools for making rational and sustainable decisions in complex environments.

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Co-Inform is a European Union H2020 project with the objective to research the best methods to contribute towards a misinformation-resilient society.

Policymakers, fact-checking journalists and citizens will convene in different countries with the aim to test technological tools, platforms and fact-checking methods.

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STORK2 aims to contribute to the realization of a single European electronic identification and authentication area. It does so by building on the results of STORK (Secure idenTity acrOss boRders linked), establishing interoperability of different approaches at national and EU level, eID for persons, eID for legal entities and the facility to mandate.

STORK 2.0 laid the ground for extending authentication with secure attributes, to deliver trusted mandates and roles for citizen.

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A European Union FP7-ICT project seeks to integrate open data and social media discussions into the broad range of information available to policy- and decision-makers and to build a decision support system that presents a visualization of information to assist in the decision-making and policy-making.

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Botswana Speaks


The Botswana Speaks Parliamentary Initiative aim to enhance democratic processes in Botswana through the use of new ICTs by fostering communication between citizens and their elected representatives in the National Assembly.

The initiative runs a pilot online platform through which Members of Parliament can view citizens’ messages and treat them as meaningful policy preferences that will lead to actions with wider societal impact.

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iMentors is the only e- infrastructure mapping project to date covering all e-infrastructures in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). The overall objective is to enhance the coherence and effectiveness of international actors involved in e-infrastructures development projects and initiatives in SSA.

The aim is to provide valuable insights into the gaps and progress made in the region. This will enhance the coordination of international actors involved in ICT initiatives in SSA.

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Is part of the UN action “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P), bringing together industry and academia to predict atrocities and prevent them.

The mission is to provide an early warning of precursors to genocide. War crimes. Ethnic cleansing, and crimes against humanity through crowds sourcing, big data and the impartial presentation of analytic results.

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