Our view on Data

We believe in Open data, open science and open innovation, where government, industry, academia and civil participants work together to co-create the future, new products and find solutions to societal needs.

The networked global economy and the advent of ICT that supports wide knowledge sharing have opened the possibility of much broader collaboration for innovation. Chesbrough (2003) coined the word “open-innovation” for inside-out and outside-in collaborative, innovative efforts for value creation.

Open Data is the raw material from which information and knowledge can be derived and is therefore essential for Open Open Innovation and Open Science.

According to the European Data Portal, Open Data can be defined as “data that anyone can access, use and share. Governments, businesses and individuals can use it to pursue social, economic and environmental benefits.

At eGovlab, we gather government agencies to liberate data to create visualisations and analyse new uses of open data with the vision of accelerating the delivery of e-services. The objective is to speed up the development of citizen-oriented gov-apps, which use Open Data released by a government or organisation and shared and reused in machine-readable formats.

By bringing together leading innovators, entrepreneurs and top tech talent from all sectors, to co-create innovative gov-app solutions, we want to re-engineer the future of e-Governance.