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Friday, 13 July 2018

eGovlab is happy to announce that on the 17th of July will be hosting the kickoff meeting of the new granted project SkillsMatch. Pooyeh Mobini, with her team, Maria Petritsopoulou, Anton Wiklund, Stefan Nenzén, Silvina Tejada Skoglund, Myrsini Glinos and Thashmee Karunaratne will welcome their partners - UAH (Spain), EUT (Spain), TCD (Ireland), FPM (Italy), Everis (Spain), DMC (Ireland). The face-to-face meeting is a great opportunity for all partners to discuss their plans and to align with the project’s objectives. SkillsMatch is the continuation of the previous project e-Skills Match (EU co-funded project for ICT skills and competencies classification system). SkillsMatch has 24 months duration it is an EU co-financed and grant of worth more than one million.

The SkillsMatch team aims to develop a system focused on non-cognitive skills that will empower the young population in EU to enter the labour market, match their non-cognitive skills and competencies on specific occupations, and suggest courses for improving their NC-skills and to explore the use of online badges as a recognition for learning.
In 2014 survey of more than 500 business leaders (by JA-YE Europe) from across Europe found that most (54%) think that there is a lack of  'soft skills' such as confidence, teamwork, self-motivation, networking, presentation skills etc. Soft skills training market in Europe is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 33%. We expect to improve non-cognitive skills in young people in Europe as a whole through the mapping of educational programs to soft skills by providing methods for assessment of such skills and to influence young people’s success in entering the labour market and help increase the potential of new-hires.

eGovlab is going to use co-creation methodology that will bring all partners together in order to jointly produce a mutually valued outcome.

Partners will be working on the following work packages:

  • eGovlab will be leading: WP1 - Project management and administration, WP5 - Design and implementation of the system prototype and WP6 - Communication and dissemination.
  • UAH will be leading: WP2 - NC skills framework development
  • FPM will be leading: WP4 - Measurement, validation and credentialization
  • TCD will be leading: WP7 - Evaluation and sustainability
  • EUT will be working on the promotion of social innovation, documentation, training material and stakeholder engagement, communication and dissemination.
  • DMC, FPM and Everis will be looking after individualized learning roadmaps
Thursday, 21 June 2018

With electric blue skies and warm summer weather, the Swedish Citizen Observatory was launched. A better setting could not have been hoped for. From 16th May onwards, two weeks of informative and fun activities were planned for the Vattenveckan organized by the Södermanland county in its 9 municipalities. Vattenveckan is part of the work under the action program for Södermanland’s environment that since 2016 is carried out annually with the aim of sharing information and knowledge around our water. The event emphasizes that water is a finite resource, and that as we all use it daily we have a responsibility to care about it.

Friday, 20 April 2018
Combating Misinformation: An Ecosystem in Co-creation, by eGovlab, OECD, ICA and OU

Today’s large flows of information create new challenges for government administrations. In the age of social media, it is not surprising, given the real-time nature of social media outlets that government agencies as well as non-governmental organisations use these means to ensure immediate awareness in cases of breaking events, such as natural disasters or terrorist attacks. However, along with valid information misinformation has been found to be transmitted in social media even during crisis and emergency situations. Misinformation is a common problem in all media, but is exacerbated in digital social media due to the speed and ease with which it can be spread. Furthermore, at this speed, providing countervailing corrective information in a timely manner is even more challenging. The social web enables people to spread information rapidly without confirmation of truth.

Friday, 04 May 2018
Nordic-India Business Research Conference

The Stockholm Business School is pleased to announce its inaugural Nordic-India Business Research Conference in Stockholm during October 25-26, 2018.

This conference will bring academics and practitioners from around the world to participate in a relevant, rigorous, and candid discussion of principal issues surrounding Nordic-India business relations at national, industry, as well as firm level(s).

Monday, 03 July 2017
eGovlab on Creativity and eGovernance at CEA @Tallinn 19 May 2

The Creative Entrepreneurship Academy this year held a conference on “Creativity and eGovernance: Designing Innovative public e-services”, which took place from 19-22 May 2017, in Tallinn. Myrsini Glinos from our team gave a presentation on eGovlab’s work nationally and internationally around inclusive public e-services. The conference provided an opportunity for dialogue between the public sector, bu​siness community (IT-businesses, start-ups, etc.) and creatives, with the goal to exchange knowledge and stimulate innovative ideas. Other speakers at the conference included key people from the Ministers Office and Information System Authority in Estonia and the Open Knowledge, the Helsinki Infoshare Region and Snowcone in Finland.

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