After visiting eGovlab, Nordic-Baltic Tech and Health team members open for further contact

Friday the 16th of November eGovlab was happy to welcome a delegation from the Trade Center of the Danish Embassy. As a part of the Nordic-Baltic Tech and Health team, our guests were interested in our co-creation method and wanted to know more about eGovlab's recent projects.


'Being placed in embassies all over the Nordic region, our team only meets up once or twice per year. When that happens, we often take the opportunity to go visit interesting businesses like eGovlab in order to get inspiration', says Marija Caganic, Commercial Adviser IT at the Danish Embassy in Stockholm.

After having listened to Somya Joshi introducing the eGovab methodology and Oxana Casu, Thashmee Karunaratne, Mary Petrisopoulou, Myrsini Glinos and Pooyeh Mobini telling more about recent #Ground Truth, #Co-Inform, #ICT4YOUTHWORK, #SkillsMatch and #Horizon2020 projects, the delegation members were intrigued:

'We like that every project has a purpose and is not performed in its own good. And the methodology used is really interesting', says Marija Caganic.

'I really hope we will have more to do with eGovlab the future, all of our team members are eager to know more.'