On the 15th of September, a 20-member EU consortium with stakeholders from Portugal, Spain, Romania and Sweden, concluded a series of site visits to leading companies in the field of smart cities and sustainable urban transport - namely: Ericsson, Kollektivtrafikens hus and Sweco.


Within the framework of the CISMOB project and the 1st Main Exchange of Experience Event, eGovlab organised a series of site visits in Stockholm, to showcase the shining lights of what Sweden has to offer within the context of Smart Cities and ITS. The aim was to explore and share conceptual knowledge, learn best practices of sustainable management of urban transport based on ICT, as well as forge collaborative links between partners and stakeholders.

The site visits were preceded by a day dedicated to internal consortium partner meetings. Partners gathered at eGovlab’s premises in DSV, Stockholm University, where they kick started the day with the 2nd steering group meeting; followed by the 1st working group meeting.