On Tuesday, September the 6th, 48 participants from Lantmäteriet, Trafiklab, Naturvardsverket and several municipalities across Sweden working on 3D geodata participated in the 3D geodata co-creation day at eGovlab. The purpose of the day was for the participants to get deeper understanding of the opportunities, prospects and challenges facing the development of new "cross-border" applications that utilize 3D geodata. The workshop was designed for co-creation through a series of tasks that aim at identifying stakeholders, formulating use cases, distinguishing real challenges and generating ideas that take advantage of opportunities and face critical challenges related to 3D geodata.


3d workshop 2

The day started with a warm-up exercise, where participants voted on what would be the most important factors for promoting co-creation, as well as for creating a collaborative national framework.

3d workshop 6

As a follow up, participants met Dr. Somya Joshi, who introduced eGovlab and discussed it’s methodology of involving stakeholders in projects’ development. The GroundTruth 2.0 (GT2.0) EU project was presented, which aims at strengthening the full feedback-loop in the information chain from citizen-based data collection to knowledge sharing for joint decision-making and cooperative planning. In addition, the strategies of the project "National Geodata in 3D” (known as 3DSWE) were presented.

3d workshop 3

These presentations were followed by two parallel workshops, where participants explored potential users of services based on 3D geodata in different sectors, industries, domains and value chains. A number of use cases were formulated. To inspire the workshop participants, Dr. Andreas Gazis, team member at eGovlab, gave a presentation on using drones for data collection. He gave the audience an overview of the current policy landscape and the potential of drones as quality 3D geodata gatherers.

Finally, participants identified opportunities and challenges in the ecosystem surrounding the use of 3D geodata. This triggered ideas on how to create a national framework that could help the development of such initiatives.

3d workshop 4

The workshop was empowered by the Ming Company. Their expertise is to design ingenious and thought-enhancing methods, tools and environments that help organisations to get in better shape when it comes to thinking together.

* Photos by Annica Johnson from TänkBar


Lantmäteriet and 3DSWE project (http://3dswe.se)