On the 18th-19th of Feb 2016, eGovlab hosted an exciting workshop for WP2 and WP6 consortium members. The goal of this workshop was to map policy processes as experienced by the end user engagement partners.

Building upon the layers of understanding we mapped tool design and value. The tangible outcomes of the workshop were:

  1. Common understanding of policy processes, stakeholder needs and priortities
  2. Tangible, explicit value derived from engagement with the tools – from an end user perspective
  3. Validation, testing of tool – creating a common template for dialogue between end user engagement partners and technology research partners
  4. Co-creation/ co-design principles for future engagement workshops
  5. Identification of gaps and areas that need further development, both from a technical, interface and engagement methodology perspective.

Attending the workshop were members from the consortium - Ruth Fox and Luke Boga Mitchell from Hansard Society, Ulf Roßegger from GESIS. From Stockholm University, Somya Joshi, Aron Larson and Osama Ibrahim attended. We were also joined by two external consultants from KTH and KI who provided us with valuable feedback on improvements to our methodology.

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