CIO’s from over 25 nations and organizations participated to the 49th ICA Conference (International Council for Information Technology in Government Administration – ICA) hosted by eGovlab at stockholm University’s Department of Computer and Systems Sciences and the Swedish Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation. The conference took place between the 6th– 9th of September in Stockholm. The proceedings were opened by Mehmet Kaplan, the Swedish Minister of Housing and Urban Development.

This year’s ICA conference focused on addressing societal challenges through a mGovernment perspective, while pursuing means to effectively make public information and government services available to citizens anytime and anywhere.

- By sharing best practices and exchanging knowledge and ideas, we create content and forecast solutions, which foster an ecosystem for Open Innovation towards co-creation of common services. This ecosystem will help us increase the value of the public sector and use of new technologies towards better governance within the Nordic countries. This will result in a more efficient mGovernment, job creations and economic growth, beneficial for the whole Europe. eGovlab helps national and European policy instruments work together and supports the transition from an eGovernment based on different technologies, to the generation of open, flexible and collaborative seamless mGovernment services at national and European level, says Vasilis Koulolias, Director of eGovlab.

During the event, a whole day focused on the citizen and topics to raise awareness and trigger solutions on cybersecurity, mGovernment, strategy and change management, and government analytics from big data. A day was also spent eGovlab at Stockholm University in Kista, where public and private sectors combined efforts in three parallel hands-on workshops addressing topics on “migration”, “building a home” and “risk and disaster management.”

On the final day’s sessions, CIOs and academia from the northern European countries joined forces with global counterparts to examine ways for collaboration within a northern, pan European and international context. Mr. Yih-Jeou Wang, Head of the Director-General’s Secretariat, Ministry of Finance: Agency for Digitalisation, Denmark, Mr. Francisco García Morán, Chief IT Advisor at European Commission and Ms. Barbara Chiara Ubaldi, Project Manager at Division for Public Sector Reform at the Public Governance and Territorial Development Directorate of OECD coordinated the parallel discussions which took place at the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation.

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