A national research, development, demonstration and test environment for public innovation of eServices and processes.

eGovlab invites national agencies and organizations to develop and test new technologies at our testbed. At eGovlab we analyze the data and create new technologies for sharing, communicating and integrating open data to better understand and prepare for future eServices in eGovernance. Our objective is to create a strong, open environment to test upcoming innovations in eGovernment service delivery.

An innovation lab. A test environment. A high tech hub. A testbed is a platform for experimentation of large development projects that allow rigorous, transparent, and replicable testing of scientific theories, computational tools, and new technologies. eGovlab sees new technologies, open data and analytics as an important growth area and vital to making Stockholm the smartest city.

eGovlab provides a testbed for agencies and organizations to build and test in a sandbox.

  • Public agencies
  • Startups
  • SMEs
  • Developers
  • Organizations
The primary activities are:
  • Operation and development of the testbed for e-services 

  • Technical support and developers in projects 

  • Collaboration with authorities to make data available to all (open data) 

  • Provide knowledge for the integration of EU / Sweden specific systems 

  • Operation of local test data for development of future data 

The ability to have a testbed where you can “play”, fail and push the boundaries is central to innovation but it is hard for each authority to run one. Our testbed allows public authorities and organizations to test different technical services in a sandbox. eGovlab provides a testbed that can be populated with data, as well as a testing environment for usability testing and design-driven development.