We develop citizen-centric GovApps as soon as Open Data is released by government & public organizations!

Participate in an Open Innovation Jam Session or workshop, to foster innovation through a dynamic mix of hands-on activities!

Open Innovation Jam Sessions move from brainstorming to ideation, from co-design to prototyping and stakeholder driven validation. We have experienced workshop leaders that make the innovation day fun and rewarding but above all you get tangible results, a prototype to serve as the starting point of development of future innovation. This is a turnkey solution that allows you the customer to focus on what is important, the innovation itself and let eGovlab worry about the rest.

Furthermore, Open Innovation Jam Sessions gather government agencies and businesses to liberate data, as well as start-ups, SMEs, citizens and academics to generate new ideas using open public data to support Open Innovation.

  • Government bodies
  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Researchers
  • Citizens
  • Businesses

We organize workshops based on “challenges” focusing on Open Data liberated by government agencies. It could be for building an app or visualization or setting a standard for common datasets, making data available to others and creating new ideas.

The Innovation Events will run over 1 to 2 days, depending on the scope and needs of the participants. Ideally, each event will involve 15-20 participants, 2 innovation leaders (+ 1 workshop facilitator, archiver and translator).

We ask our participants to bring with them on the day of the event, some key priorities as perceived and defined by them. These we use to identify the problems and contextual background within which we innovate. We also ask our participants to bring with them one or two artifacts / visual cues that reflect or capture the main thematic of the workshop.
Throughout the innovation event, participants are asked to contribute via brainstorming, ideation exercises and co-creation design thinking.

At the end of the innovation events, we set out concrete next steps to follow up the discussions, agreements and further development of the prototypes. Participants are given comprehensive feedback in the form of reports, artifacts, visualizations and recommendations for best practice in the time ahead.

In eGovlab we provide these three elements to bring your ideas to life:

  • Spirit of collaboration between key players in all sectors to foster co-creation.
  • A team of experts who facilitate Open Innovation Jam Sessions using creative tools and methodologies.
  • A workshop space to conduct Open Innovation Jam sessions at DSV, University of Stockholm.

At eGovlab, over the past few years, we have designed, deployed and further developed our own methodology for open innovation and co-creation. If you would like to find out more, please click here.

At eGovlab we follow a 6-step methodology that begins with identification of challenges, followed by open innovation jam sessions, visualizations, leading to test-bed exploration, simulation and prototyping. We bring together a dynamic mix of stakeholders from civil society, private and public sectors, government and academia. To catalyze and create innovative solutions, we use a wide range of tools that allow us to draw abstract, tacit knowledge into tangible, scalable products or solutions.

We follow a 6 phase approach, where we begin by identifying the challenges (problem formulation). This first phase is entire driven by the stakeholders, be they citizens, government agencies, industry or academic partners. Once the challenge is well defined and the scope determined, we move to stage two, where we apply the quadruple helix model which brings together the diverse stakeholders from academic/ scientific communities, public sector or governmental agencies, civil society as well as private sector. We physically bring together these key players using “open innovation jam sessions” – events/interactive workshops/hackathons – that provide a platform for co-creation. At eGovlab we have a team of dedicated personnel who are experts in this field and they draw on a wide range of tools, methodologies and epistemologies. The outcomes of the second phase are then visualised using tools such as videos that explore further the various future “what-if” scenarios. Post concept visualisation, we move towards testing and sand-boxing the ideas developed earlier. We do so by preparing our test-bed with open data from agencies and APIs. Stage five and two iteratively then build on the co-creation outcomes via active citizen engagement, in a feedback loop that is non-linear in progression. In other words, we iteratively go back to the drawing board in light of new ideas, inputs and insights. The final stage of this methodology involves creating a tangible road-map, prototyping and pre-acceleration. A critical component of our methodology for co-creation at eGovlab, is the transition from ideation and conceptualisation, via visualisation and co-creation to market readiness. We support winning ideas and solutions with pre-acceleration in order to sustain the dividends of this open innovation process.