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Petritsopoulou Mary

Mary Petritsopoulou holds a BSc in Multimedia and an MSc in Business Enterprise in Multimedia. She focused her studies on Web Design, Human Computer Interaction and User Interface Design while her specialization is User Interface Design and User Experience- based Design. For over 15 years Mary has applied her skills and knowledge to the field of Design Technology. During this period, she has been in charge of numerous projects involving citizen engagement, civil rights, e-governance and e-democracy.

As the bridge of communication between project managers and developers she is responsible for delivering a usable and sustainable final product. Her background experience brings over 9 years of management in visual communication and a large number of ID branding for organizations, companies and projects, including European Commission granted as well as commercial ones.

Her aim is to provide design solutions in the complex and demanding projects she handles.

Additional Info

  • Title: Senior Interaction Designer - Team Leader