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Joshi Somya

Dr. Somya Joshi is a post-doctoral research fellow with expertise in the field of ICT for Development. Her specialisation falls within the applied context of technological innovation, particularly in how it translates into transparency in governance, education, environmental conservation and health services within the developing world. Dr. Joshi has also worked extensively in the field where policy making and citizen participation intersect. During her PhD she critically examined the application of cutting edge technological tools (such as VR/Augmented Reality) for Urban regeneration. She is currently working on analysing the impact of new social media tools that enable citizens to participate in democratic processes, both in Africa and closer to home in Europe. The political interface of local governance & open technology is what interests her the most and she is dedicated to engaging with stakeholders in a meaningful dialogue on development. She has experience of working with a range of partners from academia, industry, NGOs, as well as international development organisations, towards the common goal of facilitating inclusive development.
With regard to her academic achievements, Somya has a Masters in Digital Media from the University of Sussex and a PhD in Local Participatory Development from the University of Manchester. She then went on to do her Post-doc at the University of Cambridge in Information Systems & Development. Somya has published in top peer reviewed journals and presented in several international conferences – both on innovative methodological practices as well as results from her fieldwork in developing nation contexts. She has conducted several focus group sessions, workshops, seminars and training events in the field of participation and governance. She has held the position of monitoring and evaluation officer for several European Union led development initiatives.
At eGovlab, Somya is involved in several research and project management roles. She is currently managing the Sense4us project and is also teaching the ICT4D Masters program.

Additional Info

  • Title: Director of Research