A national research, development, demonstration and test environment for public innovation of eServices and processes.

eGovlab invites national agencies and organizations to develop and test new technologies at our testbed.

  • eGovlab re-engineers the future of eGovernance

    By bringing together leading innovators, entrepreneurs and top tech talent from all sectors, to co-create innovative gov-app solutions in our food system, healthcare system, risk management and...


  • Anticipatory & Adaptive Governance, Public Service Re-design, and Smart & Sustainable Communities

    We believe that information and communication technologies are key enablers in the modernization and democratization of the public sector, and of society as a whole.


  • We offer a broad range of education

    Both as formal education through DSV and informal vocational training. eGovlab offers flexible solutions, using modern pedagogy that fits the situation of the learner: the key is to package education in formats that are accessible for government employees and organizations wishing to educate their employees.