DE4A Can be a Turning Point in the EU’s Digital Transformation

DE4A is about more than Technology When we refer to digital across Europe we cannot limit our thinking to technological issues.

We must think how multiple autonomous heterogeneous self-sovereign states can fully cooperate to provide cross-border life-event services to their citizens, despite cultural and linguistical semantic differences, unique political and organizational processes, governance and legislation idiosyncrasies and besides technology gaps.

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Joined forces against misinformation

eGovlab, Project Leader of the EU project Co-Inform, are proud to announce the collaboration between the two Horizon 2020-projects Co-Inform and SOMA in the battle against misinformation in social media.

“We combine forces to strengthen democracy. Protecting real information and improving transparency and quality in journalism, is in the interest of all journalists and society as a whole,” says Mattias Svahn, Project Coordinator, Co-Inform.

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SkillsMatch added on the Joinup-EC platform!

SkillsMatch has now chared its two-year research and development solution as well as Academic papers, reports and Project sustainability plan at the Joinup EC-platform.

Joinup is a collaborative platform created by the EC and funded by the Interoperability solutions for public administrations, businesses and citizens (ISA2) with the purpose is to help e-Government professionals to exchange and reuse interoperability solutions and with each other.

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Digital Governments: Lessons from COVID-19

Co-Inform participated in a DG CONNECT & REA roundtable discussion about Digital Governments and COVID-19.

“The capacity of digital government services to provide support during emergencies is deeply related to the in-house knowledge to adapt processes without compromising security, the interoperability of the systems in place, and a management style that allows innovation,” says Myrsini Glinos, Project Manager at eGovlab.

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An online platform for non-cognitive skills development

SkillsMatch platform for improving non-cognitive skills is an outcome of an EU DG CONNECT funded project, coordinated by eGovlab.

The main research challenges have been to identify and contextualize soft skills, create a comprehensible assessment for the skills and to provide online courses on improving them. The Open Knowledge Technologies pilot has been developed for the youth in the EU− to help them adapt their soft skills to the demands of the labour market.

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Towards a European Single Digital Gateway

eGovlab is proud to participate in the EU-project Digital Europe for All (DE4A) - a Member State-driven large-scale pilot aimed to support the implementation of the Single Digital Gateway Regulation.

eGovlab will take the lead on Semantic Interoperability Solutions as well as Sustainable impact and new governance models. We will also contribute in Inventory of current eGovernment landscape, Architecture vision and framework, Common component design and development, Legal compliance and consensus building as well as in the pilots Doing business abroad and Moving abroad.

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A transparent misinformation tracker for your web browser

Co-Inform can be described as a misinformation detection system with a twist: it provides the public with evidence to why their content is tagged as misinformation.

“Misinformation linking is based on algorithms predicting content as misinformative. It finds credibility signals online and estimates the accuracy of content based on social media reactions. By adding an extra layer of transparency, we allow users to verify our rating.” Vasilis Koulolias says.

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