About us

We deliver Research for improved
e-Governance Service

eGovlab is the Stockholm University centre for excellence in e-Governance Studies focused on driving European and international research collaboration for research and development in the area of IT in the Public Sector.

We conceptualise and research improved service offers for the public sector. This as a way to drive and support integration between the public sector and society and reform and modernise the public sector. This is also a way to assist the public sector in meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow

We deliver research projects across a range of sectors from decision support systems and geospatial information systems to misinformation and solutions aiming at mobile inclusiveness, democracy and smart communities.

We believe that information and communication technologies are key enablers in the modernisation and democratisation of the public sector, and society as a whole. Our goal is to increase the accessibility to solutions for the e-society, reduce the costs for testing e-services and systems, and increase the dissemination of solutions for the e-society.

We are a cross-disciplinary team of researchers, developers, and stakeholders from the public sector all over Europe guaranteeing a wide perspective on development and research.

Our research interests are centred on three pillars: Anticipatory & Adaptive Governance, Public Service Re-design, and Smart & Sustainable Communities.

eGovlab operates on a simple assumption: that good governance based on openness, collective decision-making and co-creation can improve services to citizens and boost economic performance in Sweden, the Nordics and the European Union at large.

Our Organisation has been deeply engaged in this transformation through the usage of Information and Communication Technologies towards better service delivery to citizens. We are working with nearly all member states in Europe, sub-Sahara Africa and SE Asia participating in key European and Swedish projects for cross-border services, enlightening leaders, staff and administration officials of the possibilities from reform and development of the public sectors.